Gardening indoors – because you can

Grow stuff in your house!

The Photography

City Hall. Buffalo, NY

City Hall. Buffalo, NY

I also have a slight passion for photography. I really love taking pictures, and once I get started, I tend to keep it up until I bust the battery budget and move on to something else… I have a lot of stuff to get accomplished. But here are a few of my favorites:


I love this one… I actually did have to touch it up a little in photoshop, but it was mostly the asstasticness of my camera.


I call this one “My coffee tastes like ass”


I ended up giving this skateboard away to one of the neighborhood kids. That was a custom deck and I miss it a bunch – and that little fucker lost it. bah.


This is my neighbor’s cat, Mick. He’s pretty awesome and doesn’t mind posing for the camera.


One of my favorites as well (of course – otherwise it wouldn’t be here). Stop me when I start to annoy you.


Damn I love muppets. I’ve got a lot of muppet figurines that I’m going to let you check out in another post or something…


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