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Update: Pineapple top roots

There were originally four - I threw the first one out... Mold.

There were originally four – I threw the first one out… Mold.

As the title of this post says: Just a quick update. I’ve noticed a lot of rooting progress with the pineapple tops that I have had sitting in water for eleven days now. The second one I started is doing a bit better than the others, but they’re all showing promise. There’s been very slight browning of the leaves, and there’s no sign of mold or decay anywhere. I haven’t had to change the water much (maybe once for each plant), because the water is staying pretty clear, and I’ve chose to leave well enough alone.

The most promising one so far

The most promising one so far

I don’t really have any decent pictures of the roots when they were first started off in water, but they were nothing like what you see here. The second one (#2) is showing the most progress so far, and I imagine that I’ll be transferring that one to soil in no time!

Third one. Promising as the rest! No rotting!

Third one. Promising as the rest! No rotting!

The third (#3 – noshit) one seems to be doing well also! The leaves are browning steadily, and there is semi-rapid root growth happening. It won’t be long before I’ll be transferring this one into soil… Maybe another 4-6 weeks, but we’ll see as I update you all on the progress.

#4 - The "baby" of the bunch. So far so good.

#4 – The “baby” of the bunch. So far so good.

Number four, which is the last one started in water, is starting to display life – the roots aren’t anywhere near as long as the others, but that’s because it was started later. I’m sure that there will be a lot of rooting on this one in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen between these three!

If you have any suggestions, now would be a great time to speak up! Comments are appreciated, and so are followers – I’m going to be posting at least 3x a week, so it’s worth it… Trust me!


Plants in my apartment… Too many? I don’t think so… Part II

This is a fairly young Dracaena deremensis that I rescued from Walmart about two weeks ago.

This is a fairly young Dracaena deremensis that I rescued from Walmart about two weeks ago.

In the first part of this post, I offered you a glimpse at some of the beautiful foliage around my apartment. There are a few more plants that I’d like to show you here in the second part!

In the image to the left is my dracaena deremensis – “Malaika” – She comes from a very reliable supplier known as Exotic Angel. If you check out the website, – you’ll see everything that they have to offer, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed with their selection.


I’m pretty sure I have a lifelong friend here… Awesome. ♫

The dracaena is what I like to call a “die hard” houseplant, seeing as how it’s almost impossible to kill these things unless it’s done maliciously. They are excellent air filters, and grow beautifully, but not very fast. There are many varieties of the dracaena to choose from as well. Care for these beauties is simple:

  • They don’t like too much water. Watering them thoroughly after the soil appears dry (every 7-12 days or so) is ideal. Do not over saturate!
  • Filtered or indirect lighting is sufficient for the dracaena. It doesn’t care too much for direct sunlight anyway.
  • These leaves are gorgeous... They make the sickly one in the back look a lot better!

    These leaves are gorgeous… They make the sickly one in the back look a lot better!

    Dracaenas like moderate indoor temperatures. 60 – 75°F (16 – 24°C), which is the average comfortable temperature inside a house at any time of the year.

  • Diseases aren’t really a problem for this houseplant. As far as pests go, mites would be the common suspect, and they’re easily driven away by spraying soapy water on the leaves.
  • The leaves love to collect dust, so wiping them off once in awhile with a damp cloth will keep them pretty attractive.

There are a lot of other tips and tricks involved with the care of these lovlies, and unfortunately I won’t be able to get into that completely in this post, but of course I intend to in the near future!

As I mentioned before, I strongly disagree with anyone who says that I have too many houseplants – I feel that I have nowhere near enough! The benefits offered to the air quality in my apartment alone are worth the sacrifice of space!

Please feel free to leave comments, as they are greatly appreciated, and be sure to follow my blog if you wish to be updated on the progress of any of my projects… Sorry this post is so short, but I had to finish up and get it out of the way so I can start on my next post, which will be discussing  growing mango trees indoors starting from seed. Stay tuned!

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