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All Sorts of Updates – Happy New Year!

This is me. Taking a picture in a mirror. Happy New Year! I hope it's an enjoyable one for all of us!

This is me. Taking a picture in a mirror. Happy New Year! I hope it’s an enjoyable one for all of us!

Welcome back, readers! I’ts been awhile since you’ve heard from me, so let me start this post by saying “Happy New Year” – I hope all is well for you so far!

There hasn’t been much to post lately as far as updates on my projects are concerned, and I haven’t started any “new” projects so to speak, but now there is some significant progress, and as promised I’m sharing this progress with you. This has definitely been a learning process, and learning is the best!

Remember that project with the water rooting of the avocado seeds? The one where I started two at the same time and covered one of them? Well if you do, you’ll be interested in knowing what happened with that…

So I’ll fill you in. You’re welcome.

Needless to say I was all sorts of disappointed when I noticed this.

Needless to say I was all sorts of disappointed when I noticed this.

I’ll just go ahead and state what my huge blunder was when I started the avocado pits – and believe me – it was a big mistake. Pay attention. Don’t do what I did. I’m surprised none of you noticed actually… Anyway, look at the picture. You see this shit? Of course you do. The seed completely separated and is halved (done deal – game over, man!). I’m about to toss this avocado pit, toothpicks and all – but I’m keeping the container. It’s my contribution to the environment, dammit. I’m sure I’ll use it again – as a matter of fact, I’m going to get a mango today so I can attempt germinating the mango seed in water as opposed to in potting mix like I did in a previous post. I’ll be updating you on that in this post as well. If any of you have experience with rooting avocado seeds/pits, and you know of a way that this project can be saved, please let me know – I’ll give it another day or so before it’s scrapped.

What I did wrong:

  • Was not careful with toothpick placement – If you look at the avocado pit carefully before you stick toothpicks in it, you’ll likely be able to predict exactly where the pit is going to split. I didn’t do this, and because of this oversight it isn’t very likely that this project will be a successful one.
  • Nothing else that I know of.

So along with that, I’ll also let you know that it’s counterpart is doing well – it’s the one that I covered with the top half of the soda bottle that I recycled last month. The avocado seed in that container hasn’t split yet – other than the small split at the base of the seed that is less than an inch long. The top of the avocado seed is still covering over with a dusty substance that could very well be mold. I’m not including a photo because it looks exactly the same as it did before. Go figure. It seems to me that covering the avocado seed to create a greenhouse-like environment wasn’t the better way to go about germinating it. Lesson learned. I hope you all benefit from that information.

This is a mango sprout. I started this one on December 9th - six weeks ago.

This is a mango sprout. I started this one on December 9th – six weeks ago.

Moving along… Do you remember the mango seeds that I started last month? I do. I started three of them, and at the time of writing this post (duh) only one of them is showing any sort of progress. About five days ago the one that I placed in the smallest pot sprouted! I should have taken pictures immediately, but guess what – I didn’t. Deal with it. As you can see by looking at the photo above (I took this one less than a half hour ago), the mango seed sprouted pretty nicely! I’m excited about this one – it’s been growing noticeably every day since exposing itself to the world. I immediately put this one in the window as soon as this happened, because now it needs light. My window of choice for now is a north-facing one, but that’s going to change soon. I’m going to redo my window blinds so it can rest comfortably in the west-facing window, which will provide more natural light to my mango sprout.

What I did wrong:

  • When I was twelve, I told my Sunday school teacher that there was no such thing as the holy ghost. Or Satan. Therefore I couldn’t possibly be the Satan spawn that she accused me of being.
  • A lot of other awesome stuff that I’ll never regret.
This. Nature is pretty amazing, isn't it? This stuff fascinates me.

This. Nature is pretty amazing, isn’t it? This stuff fascinates me.

A few of you are wondering what is going on with my original avocado seed – the one I started before I began blogging about my punk-ass houseplants. That avocado pit is doing pretty good! I had to change it out to a slightly taller container because of the prominence of it’s almost single root. The root of that avocado pit is just starting to sprout extensions, and it looks really promising so far. The sprout hasn’t reached  past the top of the avocado pit quite yet, but that will be happening soon. You can tell by looking at the picture. If you can’t, just take my word for it. Shit’s pretty asstastic at this point in the game. I expect this plant to be around for a long time. I can’t wait to update you guys more on this one – and believe me, I definitely will! Avocado pits are an easy project, fun for the whole family, and definitely a learning experience!

What I did wrong:

  • Went to school for fashion. That pretty much proved to be useless for me.

Since you last heard from me, I have also started a few new pineapple tops – all rooting in water, but for now, I’ll update you all as to the progress of the ones that I mentioned in the past. I know you’re dying to hear about that…(sarcasm).

These roots show a lot of promise for the future of the pineapple top!

These roots show a lot of promise for the future of the pineapple top!

The pineapple tops are doing very well, and they’re rooting faster than I imagined they would! There isn’t an abundance of updated information that I can offer to you other than this, but wow – the rooting so far is pretty impressive! Check out the photo – holy hell! I actually had to redo the top to the containers so the pineapple tops would be suspended as opposed to sitting on their “butts”. I intend on planting these in the next four weeks. I’ll be keeping you all updated on these as well, of course. Stay tuned for that.

This is it for now, folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed my post, which is nothing more than updates, but hopefully I’ll have something new for you in the days to come. Please remember to comment and/or subscribe to my blog – You’ll be hearing from me again very soon.


More updates – and some new stuff that I’m working on!

What you're looking at in this picture (to the right) is a project that I just started a few hours ago. Lemons tree from seed!

What you’re looking at in this picture (to the right) is a project that I just started a few hours ago. Lemons tree from seed!

Christmas is over. Finally. Now that we’re getting ready for the new year, I have a little time on my hands – which means I can post more often! I’ve already updated you on my pineapple tops, but since it’s been more than a little while since then, there’s more to update you on!

Holy hell! I cannot believe how much these roots have grown!

Holy hell! I cannot believe how much these roots have grown!

The rooting process of these pineapple tops is coming along a lot better than I expected! I have a lot of slow-moving projects that are still in germination stage, so to see these progress as rapidly as they do is just fucking wonderful. It makes me smile. I like smiling. As you can see from these images, in comparison to the ones you may have seen before, there has been a lot of root growth! The leaves are looking pretty good as well – there hasn’t been much browning at all since the last update.

IMAG0837 IMAG0839IMAG0838

You may not be able to tell due to the quality of the images above, but there is a thin mucous-like membrane growing over each root. I haven’t done any research at all on this, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that it’s a good thing – it’s happening with all of them, so at least it’s consistent. My original plan when I started these three weeks ago was to change the water regularly, but I haven’t done that too much at all to be honest with you. Most of the information that I’ve gathered suggests that I should change the water only if it needs it. That doesn’t seem to be the case at all! I’m pretty sure that I’ll be planting these within the next month or so, and I can hardly wait! I’m going to have to get some more supplies though. Lots of supplies.

This pineapple top was started on Christmas day. I'll let you know how this one is doing later.

This pineapple top was started on Christmas day. I’ll let you know how this one is doing later.

There’s also a brand new addition to my pineapple troupe – This one is from Chiquita, and I set it up a little differently than the others – I wanted to make sure that it stayed completely suspended instead of resting on it’s bottom. I used an empty water bottle that I cut in half, and that works pretty well. You already know I’m going to keep you updated on this one as well.

It’s getting late, and I have some stuff to do tomorrow, so I’m going to end this post – make sure to offer your suggestions if you have any, and follow if you wish to keep up! Enjoy the rest of the year – I’m sure you’ll hear from me before then.

From the “I’ll show you later if it works” collection: Planting kiwi indoors

Always thinking... I have no idea what I was thinking at the exact moment...

Always thinking… I have no idea what I was thinking at the exact moment…

I know… I need to be stopped before it’s too late. I’m actually taking a break from playing Saint’s Row the third to bring you this post… It’s been a long time since I’ve played a console game! Also, I’d like to apologize to any of you who happened to try to view my blog in the last 24 hours… my account got suspended temporarily – but that’s over now. Let’s go!

There are mango seeds in these tiny containers... Let's see how this goes!

There are kiwi seeds in these tiny containers… Let’s see how this goes!

Last night, while I was unable to post, I ate a friggin’ kiwi. It was pretty good – thanks for asking… before I ate it, I actually went through the painstaking process of saving and cleaning the ultra-tiny seeds for planting, and although it’s my first time doing this, I’m definitely taking this project seriously… except this time I have no variables/experimentation.

I’m going to update this post and show you what’s what as soon as I start to see some progress from this project. I would walk you through the steps I’ve taken, but I don’t want to make an ass of myself if this project fails… so wish me the best! I’ll be posting again very soon. more than likely on another plant. Once again — my bad the blog disappeared for the last day or so… Completely my bad… Won’t happen again! Be sure to comment/follow – I’m at ten followers so far, and that’s asstastic, but it could be a lot better. Stay tuned! I’ll be starting a YouTube channel as soon as I feel it’s necessary (and I get a charger for my cam)… and a new twitter. Any other suggestions?


Update: Pineapple top roots

There were originally four - I threw the first one out... Mold.

There were originally four – I threw the first one out… Mold.

As the title of this post says: Just a quick update. I’ve noticed a lot of rooting progress with the pineapple tops that I have had sitting in water for eleven days now. The second one I started is doing a bit better than the others, but they’re all showing promise. There’s been very slight browning of the leaves, and there’s no sign of mold or decay anywhere. I haven’t had to change the water much (maybe once for each plant), because the water is staying pretty clear, and I’ve chose to leave well enough alone.

The most promising one so far

The most promising one so far

I don’t really have any decent pictures of the roots when they were first started off in water, but they were nothing like what you see here. The second one (#2) is showing the most progress so far, and I imagine that I’ll be transferring that one to soil in no time!

Third one. Promising as the rest! No rotting!

Third one. Promising as the rest! No rotting!

The third (#3 – noshit) one seems to be doing well also! The leaves are browning steadily, and there is semi-rapid root growth happening. It won’t be long before I’ll be transferring this one into soil… Maybe another 4-6 weeks, but we’ll see as I update you all on the progress.

#4 - The "baby" of the bunch. So far so good.

#4 – The “baby” of the bunch. So far so good.

Number four, which is the last one started in water, is starting to display life – the roots aren’t anywhere near as long as the others, but that’s because it was started later. I’m sure that there will be a lot of rooting on this one in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen between these three!

If you have any suggestions, now would be a great time to speak up! Comments are appreciated, and so are followers – I’m going to be posting at least 3x a week, so it’s worth it… Trust me!

A few updates. That is all.

4a54057529c0cfda4ef9191b23af5a72-d3h0c3pHello, all – it’s been a few days since my last post, and it’s been a busy few days… Hence, no posts. In this post I’m going to offer up a few updates on projects already in the works that I have showed you so far since I started this blog. Enjoy.

This one shit the bed kind of early, but like stated in a previous post - the pineapple it came from looked kind of suspect in the first place.

This one shit the bed kind of early, but like stated in a previous post – the pineapple it came from looked kind of suspect in the first place.

I’d like to add that since my last post, I’ve started a new mango plant, and have thrown away one of the pineapple plants that I had rooting in water. The reason behind the tossing of the “potential” pineapple was that all of the leaves had dried out completely and were a shitty shade of brown, and there was mold forming in the middle of the leaves (where new leaves should have eventually grown from). If you look carefully at the picture, you’ll see the mold that I’m talking about – this prompted me to toss it in order to keep the others out of the way of any sort of risk. I didn’t want to chance it.

Avocado seed with first weeks worth of rootage! More sure to come!

Avocado seed with first weeks worth of rootage! More sure to come!

As for the avocado seeds, all seems to be great so far with those. The roots haven’t started growing out of either of the two that I showed you before,  but the very first one that I started that had already started sprouting it’s first root is well on it’s way to having a decent root system. I can tell from the little “buds” that are coming off either side of the root… I can see them when I look inside the exposed part of the seed carefully. Asstastic. Once the root system develops a bit, I’ll update you more on this little guy – and definitely on the other two mentioned before in my avocado post that you all loved so damn much. Seriously. Thank yous and such to the few that have liked, commented and followed so far. If it wasn’t for the few of you, I would have probably just bothered my Facebook friends with this particular brand of shit. But I can’t stand most of them anyway. And now I realize that the “publicize” feature dumps it on ’em anyway. Full of win. Okay – moving on…

These just might be white flies. If they are... Well fuck.

These just might be white flies. If they are… Well fuck.

The mango plants, however, have me a little concerned. As of yet, the choice to cover the newly potted seeds in plastic wrap hasn’t proven to be beneficial or detrimental  to the project so to speak, but when I looked at the plastic carefully today, I noticed tiny parasites of some sort stuck to the underside of the plastic… The tighter the plastic is wrapped, the more parasites. I’m thinking it may be a good idea to go ahead and let these seeds breathe while I go do some research…

Hopefully it's not serious.

Hopefully it’s not serious.

Since the last paragraph, I’ve done a tiny bit of research on the issue, and I’ve found that what we’re most likely looking at is White Flies. Shit… I hope this doesn’t ruin anything… I’m going to go crazy cleaning and disinfecting the apartment tonight. I’m going to also go ahead and keep the plastic off of these pots.

All three of them pretty much look like this in the middle.

All three of them pretty much look like this in the middle.

The rest of the pineapple tops that I’m rooting in water are doing great so far, but since my memory sucks, I have to take a lot of pictures to keep up with the progress on these. The leaves aren’t rapidly drying out, which is a great sign, and the roots look like they’re doing great. The very centers of the leaves are still sharp and pointy, and appear to be showing promise! I’m not going to bore you to stitches with photos of the other two, but I assure you – they all look pretty much like what you see here… healthy as I’d like ’em to be.. More on that sometime soon hopefully!

That’s it for the updates for now, I’ll be posting again very soon, and hopefully the word is all positive… I’m just remembering something as I’m going through some of my photos from last summer when I was all into photography and my allergies were awesome for me for whatever reason. I have a lot of photos of plant life from the outdoors. And like it or not, I’m going to share some of it with you from time to time. Like the one up top. Be sure to comment, like, follow… whatever – just show me some support, and I’ll show you my plants… That’s how it goes, right? See you soon.

The reasons I prefer to grow plants indoors – and a few updates.

Current projects.. Seeds and whatnot

Current projects.. Seeds and whatnot

There are a few valid reasons that I have personally that make indoor gardening a preference of mine. Three of the biggest reasons involve my overall health. For some odd reason, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m going to live an unbearably long time, so I feel that my time spent here should be as comfortable as possible. We all need to understand that the health benefits offered by houseplants are AWESOME to begin with, but aside from that huge fact, my reasoning behind my preference to grow indoor includes, and is definitely not limited to:

  1. I’m susceptible to heat stroke – it’s happened to me twice before.
  2. I have shitty allergies, and it’s not fair.
  3. The outdoors are beautiful and full of fresh oxygen already. My abode needs assistance in that area. If you didn’t already know, plants transform carbon dioxide (that we as humans/animals give them when exhaling) into oxygen (which we in turn, breathe right the hell back in). I need that oxygen.
  4. Kiss my ass. I already told you there were three reasons. Keep up.
I do love to grow things, though!

I do love to grow things, though!

With those reasons aside, there’s also the fact that I don’t have an outdoor gardening area accessible to me other than community projects in the city that I live in that were awesome at one time, but is currently being invaded by hipsters. I really hate hipsters… Their smug faces, vegan diet, tiny feet and hay bedding… no. Wait – hamsters. I really hate hamsters. I’m really just kidding. I don’t hate anybody – I hate everybody. Really. Due to this slight lack of resource (which really isn’t a lack of resource at all) I lean way towards indoor more than I do outdoor. I’m also in love with the fact that I have an outstanding amount of control over what happens with my green buddies. The company of plants also tends to be a lot more pleasant than the company of most people… I try not to be completely antisocial though.

It doesn't look to good for my buddy here. We'll see.

It doesn’t look too good for my buddy here. We’ll see.

Speaking of control, Here’s a little update on what’s going on with my pineapple tops mentioned in my first post… The one that I started first (the day before I started this blog) that I showed you in pictures doesn’t look like it’s going to do so well from what I’m seeing here. All of the leaves have completely dried out, and it’s showing me nothing as far as hope goes. The leaves are supposed to dry out, true – but it seems to be a lot too early for that. I’ll give it three more days at most to see if anything changes. The pineapple that it came from had been sitting in the walk-in at my job for at least five days – I got it the day before a produce order came in. The ones that I started the very next day  are from that produce order, and they’re doing good so far – hopefully they won’t look like this one in five to seven days. We’ll see!

Started the same day, the only obvious difference is color changes.

Started the same day, the only obvious difference is color changes.

The avocado seeds that I started the other day seem to be doing well. The only thing that I have noticed so far is the one that i covered remains a constant light brown all the way around, and the other one is starting to develop a ring around the area that I stuck the toothpicks in, and is getting lighter in the area exposed to air.

Lots of color change.

Lots of color change.

If you look at the picture to the left, you’ll see an avocado seed that I started five to six weeks ago. I kept this one in my north facing window for the first four weeks, which I’m recently learning wasn’t really the best of ideas. I’ve since kept it on my kitchen counter or range top, and it’s been progressing rapidly! The color change is a lot more evident when you look at this avocado seed. it has a ring in the area where the toothpicks went in (as usual) and another toward the very top that is a lot darker than the other two color layers. I’m going to pay close attention to this to see if it happens with my newer uncovered avocado seed. The first root sprouted from the bottom of this one a few days ago, and seems to be growing at a rate of about 1/4 of an inch daily. There will be more roots to come, of course, and the entire seed will eventually split apart almost completely around the time the stalk of the plant pops out of the top… I wonder how long that will take.

So that’s it for this post – once again, it’s getting late and I need to turn in for the night. I’ll post something else tomorrow… most likely a new pineapple plant, but this time since I have extra potting mix, I’m going to start it off in soil – this should still work as a good comparison to the others, seeing as how I just started those within the last few days. Be sure to leave feedback, and follow me if you wish to stay updated. So yeah. Tomorrow. Until then…


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