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All Sorts of Updates – Happy New Year!

This is me. Taking a picture in a mirror. Happy New Year! I hope it's an enjoyable one for all of us!

This is me. Taking a picture in a mirror. Happy New Year! I hope it’s an enjoyable one for all of us!

Welcome back, readers! I’ts been awhile since you’ve heard from me, so let me start this post by saying “Happy New Year” – I hope all is well for you so far!

There hasn’t been much to post lately as far as updates on my projects are concerned, and I haven’t started any “new” projects so to speak, but now there is some significant progress, and as promised I’m sharing this progress with you. This has definitely been a learning process, and learning is the best!

Remember that project with the water rooting of the avocado seeds? The one where I started two at the same time and covered one of them? Well if you do, you’ll be interested in knowing what happened with that…

So I’ll fill you in. You’re welcome.

Needless to say I was all sorts of disappointed when I noticed this.

Needless to say I was all sorts of disappointed when I noticed this.

I’ll just go ahead and state what my huge blunder was when I started the avocado pits – and believe me – it was a big mistake. Pay attention. Don’t do what I did. I’m surprised none of you noticed actually… Anyway, look at the picture. You see this shit? Of course you do. The seed completely separated and is halved (done deal – game over, man!). I’m about to toss this avocado pit, toothpicks and all – but I’m keeping the container. It’s my contribution to the environment, dammit. I’m sure I’ll use it again – as a matter of fact, I’m going to get a mango today so I can attempt germinating the mango seed in water as opposed to in potting mix like I did in a previous post. I’ll be updating you on that in this post as well. If any of you have experience with rooting avocado seeds/pits, and you know of a way that this project can be saved, please let me know – I’ll give it another day or so before it’s scrapped.

What I did wrong:

  • Was not careful with toothpick placement – If you look at the avocado pit carefully before you stick toothpicks in it, you’ll likely be able to predict exactly where the pit is going to split. I didn’t do this, and because of this oversight it isn’t very likely that this project will be a successful one.
  • Nothing else that I know of.

So along with that, I’ll also let you know that it’s counterpart is doing well – it’s the one that I covered with the top half of the soda bottle that I recycled last month. The avocado seed in that container hasn’t split yet – other than the small split at the base of the seed that is less than an inch long. The top of the avocado seed is still covering over with a dusty substance that could very well be mold. I’m not including a photo because it looks exactly the same as it did before. Go figure. It seems to me that covering the avocado seed to create a greenhouse-like environment wasn’t the better way to go about germinating it. Lesson learned. I hope you all benefit from that information.

This is a mango sprout. I started this one on December 9th - six weeks ago.

This is a mango sprout. I started this one on December 9th – six weeks ago.

Moving along… Do you remember the mango seeds that I started last month? I do. I started three of them, and at the time of writing this post (duh) only one of them is showing any sort of progress. About five days ago the one that I placed in the smallest pot sprouted! I should have taken pictures immediately, but guess what – I didn’t. Deal with it. As you can see by looking at the photo above (I took this one less than a half hour ago), the mango seed sprouted pretty nicely! I’m excited about this one – it’s been growing noticeably every day since exposing itself to the world. I immediately put this one in the window as soon as this happened, because now it needs light. My window of choice for now is a north-facing one, but that’s going to change soon. I’m going to redo my window blinds so it can rest comfortably in the west-facing window, which will provide more natural light to my mango sprout.

What I did wrong:

  • When I was twelve, I told my Sunday school teacher that there was no such thing as the holy ghost. Or Satan. Therefore I couldn’t possibly be the Satan spawn that she accused me of being.
  • A lot of other awesome stuff that I’ll never regret.
This. Nature is pretty amazing, isn't it? This stuff fascinates me.

This. Nature is pretty amazing, isn’t it? This stuff fascinates me.

A few of you are wondering what is going on with my original avocado seed – the one I started before I began blogging about my punk-ass houseplants. That avocado pit is doing pretty good! I had to change it out to a slightly taller container because of the prominence of it’s almost single root. The root of that avocado pit is just starting to sprout extensions, and it looks really promising so far. The sprout hasn’t reached ¬†past the top of the avocado pit quite yet, but that will be happening soon. You can tell by looking at the picture. If you can’t, just take my word for it. Shit’s pretty asstastic at this point in the game. I expect this plant to be around for a long time. I can’t wait to update you guys more on this one – and believe me, I definitely will! Avocado pits are an easy project, fun for the whole family, and definitely a learning experience!

What I did wrong:

  • Went to school for fashion. That pretty much proved to be useless for me.

Since you last heard from me, I have also started a few new pineapple tops – all rooting in water, but for now, I’ll update you all as to the progress of the ones that I mentioned in the past. I know you’re dying to hear about that…(sarcasm).

These roots show a lot of promise for the future of the pineapple top!

These roots show a lot of promise for the future of the pineapple top!

The pineapple tops are doing very well, and they’re rooting faster than I imagined they would! There isn’t an abundance of updated information that I can offer to you other than this, but wow – the rooting so far is pretty impressive! Check out the photo – holy hell! I actually had to redo the top to the containers so the pineapple tops would be suspended as opposed to sitting on their “butts”. I intend on planting these in the next four weeks. I’ll be keeping you all updated on these as well, of course. Stay tuned for that.

This is it for now, folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed my post, which is nothing more than updates, but hopefully I’ll have something new for you in the days to come. Please remember to comment and/or subscribe to my blog – You’ll be hearing from me again very soon.


More updates – and some new stuff that I’m working on!

What you're looking at in this picture (to the right) is a project that I just started a few hours ago. Lemons tree from seed!

What you’re looking at in this picture (to the right) is a project that I just started a few hours ago. Lemons tree from seed!

Christmas is over. Finally. Now that we’re getting ready for the new year, I have a little time on my hands – which means I can post more often! I’ve already updated you on my pineapple tops, but since it’s been more than a little while since then, there’s more to update you on!

Holy hell! I cannot believe how much these roots have grown!

Holy hell! I cannot believe how much these roots have grown!

The rooting process of these pineapple tops is coming along a lot better than I expected! I have a lot of slow-moving projects that are still in germination stage, so to see these progress as rapidly as they do is just fucking wonderful. It makes me smile. I like smiling. As you can see from these images, in comparison to the ones you may have seen before, there has been a lot of root growth! The leaves are looking pretty good as well – there hasn’t been much browning at all since the last update.

IMAG0837 IMAG0839IMAG0838

You may not be able to tell due to the quality of the images above, but there is a thin mucous-like membrane growing over each root. I haven’t done any research at all on this, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that it’s a good thing – it’s happening with all of them, so at least it’s consistent. My original plan when I started these three weeks ago was to change the water regularly, but I haven’t done that too much at all to be honest with you. Most of the information that I’ve gathered suggests that I should change the water only if it needs it. That doesn’t seem to be the case at all! I’m pretty sure that I’ll be planting these within the next month or so, and I can hardly wait! I’m going to have to get some more supplies though. Lots of supplies.

This pineapple top was started on Christmas day. I'll let you know how this one is doing later.

This pineapple top was started on Christmas day. I’ll let you know how this one is doing later.

There’s also a brand new addition to my pineapple troupe – This one is from Chiquita, and I set it up a little differently than the others – I wanted to make sure that it stayed completely suspended instead of resting on it’s bottom. I used an empty water bottle that I cut in half, and that works pretty well. You already know I’m going to keep you updated on this one as well.

It’s getting late, and I have some stuff to do tomorrow, so I’m going to end this post – make sure to offer your suggestions if you have any, and follow if you wish to keep up! Enjoy the rest of the year – I’m sure you’ll hear from me before then.

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