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Thinking outside the box – new planters!

Say hello to my new pots!

Say hello to my new pots!

Today’s post will be a short one – just for the sake of posting… A lot of us are looking to save money at this time of year. A lot of us are looking to save money all year round! I just came from the store a few minutes ago, and while there, the clerk was gathering trash to take out back. In the corner of the store was a stack of Laffy-Taffy containers, and immediately I thought to myself “Why the fuck would you throw out perfectly good flower pots?” and then I remembered a thought from earlier this week – “Shit. I’m gonna need more flower pots!”

Problem solved.

These are near perfect! I don’t even want to take the stickers off, so I won’t… But I definitely have to poke some holes in the bottoms for proper drainage, and clean them out thoroughly. Bringing these home saved me at least the  twenty bucks that I was going to spend on potting the three pineapple tops and the avocado seed that I have rooting. I know some of you are thinking this isn’t very decorative, but fuck you – they’re not tacky if you’re creative. Do something with your brain. In my case, Laffy-Taffy was a favorite of mine during childhood, and I’m going to leave these the way they are for nostalgic purposes. You’ll be seeing these in future posts~!

While I’m on the subject of saving money… If you happen to have some free time on your hands, take a look at the site below! I’ve been using it for awhile, and I’ve ordered a lot of things from amazon – for completely free! Definitely worth a look!


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